about us

I'm Oliko. Olive-tree

I was called Olea in Roman Civilization, Elaia in Ancient Greece, and Elaiwa in Cretan Civilization. Later, Europeans called me Olive. The Akkadians called it Zertum, the Hebrews called it Zait, the Arabs called it Zeit. Anatolian Turks used to call it Zeytun and now they call it Olive.

Although my name changes from soil to soil, from language to language; my taste, my taste has always been the same for hundreds of years. It hasn't changed at all. So my roots have been tied to their roots for centuries.

Here I am! I'm Oliko. Olive-tree.
All processes were carried out meticulously while my fruits, namely olives, were ripening. Traditional cultivation methods were combined with new generation methods for me. I offer you the delicious olives and olive oils of my nature in their purest form.

I can feel that you miss the healthiest and best quality. That's why I'm ready to meet you in my simplest, most delicious and real self that makes me who I am.

So are you ready to meet?